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Another 5-star review on Clutch by Camect,
a Silicon Valley company that makes an
AI-powered Smart Video recorder

Clutch is an online B2B review and rating platform based in Washington, DC, that includes in-depth client reviews, data-driven content and vetted market leaders. Based on a dozen quantitative and qualitative factors, Clutch evaluates companies and manages their online reputations through verified reviews from their potential clients to attract genuine and valid customers, thereby generating sales.

With customers in over 30 countries, Camect creates the simplest and most useful security solutions from ordinary camera installations in homes and businesses. Headquartered in Mountain View, California, Camect’s top-notch AI understands objects that cameras see and raises alerts only for the most interesting events—completely eliminating false alerts from bugs, animals, leaves, rain, shadows, etc.

Camect already had web-based UIs, but they had various shortcomings, especially on cell phones. Thus, the client wanted better Android and iOS native apps that allowed the customer to review and interact with their video surveillance cameras.

With many steps involving the development of the core functionality, UI implementation, and ensuring scalability, we successfully created and launched the first version of the client’s iOS app, which has gained positive feedback.

Here’s what the client had to say about working with us:


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“I like that they offer a flexible model to let us manage the developers as much or as little as we would like. “

— Arup Mukherjee, CEO, Camect, Inc.

We want to take this moment to thank Arup for his detailed and positive review. We appreciate the trust and support you accorded us throughout the whole project.

As a bespoke custom software development company, Travancore Analytics has been tackling impediments and gathering wisdom, raising the bar every single time since 2007. With a passionate and talented workforce, we tackle real-world complex problems and guide our partners toward modern operational excellence by turning digital into reality.

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