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An extra ordinary day with our client Hiroki Naknishi,
The Managing Director of Techno Staff's Singapore Unit

At TA, we put our client’s needs above everything else. Techno Staff is just one example of the many loyal clients we’ve earned through our consistent service to them. We’ve been working with Techno Staff on a second project since we first collaborated on one in 2012. The Client visit from Techno staff has happened from 30th January’ 2023 and he interacted with our team for a week. Hiroki Naknishi, Managing Director of Techno Staff’s Singapore Unit, visited our TA Business Unit II in Kochi and met with the project team for the last phase of the second project, which is now ongoing.


Techno Staff is the industry leader in plant inspection and management for petrochemical and petroleum refineries and has been around in this industry since 1990 with units in Japan and Singapore. The employees of Techno Staff had to do a great deal of routine maintenance on a wide range of pieces of equipment at their client’s location. The inspection data must be entered into a spreadsheet. In order to prepare such reports, the team must adhere to standard formats for data preparation and copy information about equipment and inspections from various spreadsheets, which takes a lot of effort and time.

As a result, Techno Staff joined hands with TA to develop software that would reduce the time and effort spent on data input and report collection during the inspection process. As a result, the inspection data management system, or IDMS, was conceived as a system for managing the inspection process by the employees of Techno Staff. Big thanks and gratitude for the client visit from Techno Staff to our team and we sincerely appreciate their business and hope they visit us more often.

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