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Embedded Technology Convention 2022

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Exhibiting at the Embedded Technology Convention
USA 2022
to share our thoughts in the Embedded Technology sector

It’s 2022, and the world has become increasingly connected, digital, and automated than ever before. Have you ever wondered what has made this transformation possible? It’s mostly embedded technologies. Embedded technologies have transformed our lives over the past many years. Found in just about every industry and sector, Embedded systems applications are one of the driving forces behind today’s world. These technologies are at the heart of many different products, machines, and intelligent operations, such as Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence applications, impacting every facet of modern life.

Accelerating digital transformation and answering the challenges in the embedded development space of today with cutting-edge innovative thinking, the Embedded Technology Convention USA 2022, is a place where technology and business converge. The flagship event is the ultimate international showcase of Embedded Technologies, the latest technological innovations, insights, services, and trends in the industry, a central hub to discover the latest technological innovations and trends, expand your industry knowledge and extend your global professional network. The event is a unique platform that brings together business leaders, senior technologists, and innovative entrepreneurs to discuss the technological innovations that are changing the face and the technological landscape of the economy. Our team is more than happy to be exhibiting at booth #6038 at the Embedded Technology Convention USA 2022 in Las Vegas on June 8-9 to offer our insights and thoughts on Embedded Technologies and trends.

We have been at the forefront of the digital revolution since our founding in 2007 with an integrated portfolio of services that include Product Engineering, Internet of Things, Cloud Services, and Edge Computing, DevOps, AR VR, Security Testing, and Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning. Our overarching 15 years of expertise in the Embedded spaces as the one-stop customer-focused provider of Hardware, Software, and FPGA-based Design & Development services across Consumer Electronics, Automotive, Telecommunication, and more has given us a steady hand in the industry. And are all set to showcase our prowess in the Embedded arena with exciting demos, case studies, and a detailed look at our unique HVAC monitoring and system solutions.

We have always believed in impacting lives through innovations, and we believe we have come across the right event that is targeted specifically at engineers who develop embedded systems and work with both hardware and software. The expo brings together leading hardware, system software, tools, services, governing bodies, academia, manufacturers, solution providers & solution seekers within the industry to share their knowledge and expertise to empower your business to exceed your current potential.

Come join us at the ultimate showcase of the unrivaled potential of the embedded technologies industry in the digital world of today.