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Harikumar P - A Beacon of Light in TA Family

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It has been several days since the passing of our beloved CEO, Harikumar P. The Travancore Analytics (TA) family continues to mourn his loss, and the pain of his absence still feeling fresh. 

For most of us, Harikumar P, affectionately known as Hari Sir, was the man who wore the most compassionate smile, possessed a soft-spoken wisdom, and tirelessly led our teams. He was more than just a CEO to us; he was our guiding light, our mentor, and a source of unwavering motivation and spirit. As for us on the Business Team, we had the privilege of working closely with him on most occasions and it was just days before the unfateful event, we sat together in one of our monthly meetings on digital marketing, a meeting that ended with the entire team wearing their biggest smiles. His reassuring words stole a place in our hearts as he encouraged us not to be discouraged by the statistics, assuring us that our hard work would definitely yield results.

After days of valiantly battling multiple cerebral hemorrhages and a relentless dengue infection, he breathed his last at KIMS Hospital in Thiruvananthapuram. As we received the heartbreaking news of his passing, our hearts ached, and the world seemed a little less bright. 

Harikumar was a man of exceptional qualities; his vast knowledge and intellect were evident in the prestigious roles he held at DRDO, VSSC, HAL and his notable positions at Ushus Tech and Tata Elxsi. In the early stages of contemplating the creation of a company for Analytical Mechanics Associates (AMA) in India, Renjith Kumar, fondly known as Renji and serving as the CEO of AMA, naturally turned his thoughts to a trusted individual from his past – Harikumar. Renji shared a deep childhood friendship with him, and the unwavering confidence in his leadership abilities, marked by extreme loyalty and trustworthiness, formed the solid foundation upon which the Travancore Analytics family was established in 2007 as a modest 12-member organization. Fast forward to today, after over 16 years of dedicated service to the industry, Travancore Analytics has expanded its presence to various locations, including Infopark (Kochi), Technopark (Trivandrum), Silver Spirit Tech Park (Mysuru), and even global units in the USA and Canada. 

This incredible journey of growth and success can be largely attributed to Harikumar’s exceptional vision in leadership and his keen ability to select the right individuals to lead the team. His steadfast commitment to excellence has been the driving force behind the continued progress and achievements of the company.

He was a man of principles, manners, and etiquette, exuding charisma and the strength to lead both a company and its employees. He had immense empathy and was always concerned about our well-being, both personally and professionally. He had an uncanny ability to remember even the tiniest details we shared with him. His office door was always wide open, welcoming anyone who sought his guidance, creating an environment where anyone could step in without hesitation. To him, we were not just employees; we were his extended family, and he desired nothing but the absolute best for each one of us, regardless of our future within Travancore Analytics.

Whenever we presented anything or discussed a project with him, he would delve deep, asking probing questions and meticulously analyzing every aspect before arriving at the wisest decisions. His insights ranged from handling client calls to enhancing our client interactions, evaluating our performance, and optimizing our workspace dynamics. His mentorship was nothing short of a masterclass in leadership and professionalism.

The void left by Harikumar’s passing can never truly be filled; his shoes are simply too large to fill. Nevertheless, as a family, we are determined to continue his legacy and follow the path he so expertly paved. We will walk in the footsteps he so gracefully left behind.

As we come to terms with our loss, we have committed to preserving a sacred space in our hearts for Hari Sir. We will carry forward the invaluable lessons he imparted to us, knowing that he watches over us from the skies with his familiar smile, guiding and inspiring us each step of the way.

In memory of Harikumar P., our dear CEO, and the eternal guiding light of Travancore Analytics, we pledge to honor his legacy and ensure that his vision lives on in every corner of our beloved company.


In warm remembrance of our visionary leader and CEO, Harikumar P

The Business Team