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Recognized as the most reviewed global AR/VR
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by Manifest

Travancore Analytics is incredibly proud and humbled to announce that we’ve recently been named the global leader in the AR/VR development industry by the leading platform, The Manifest. The manifest team’s latest press release featured the top development businesses on their platform, and we are pleased to be included on this esteemed list.

The Manifest is a B2B ratings and reviews platform powered by Clutch that compile and analyzes practical business wisdom for innovators, entrepreneurs, and small and mid-market businesses.

Being recognized by The Manifest is a tremendous honor for Travancore Analytics. It inspired us to travel down memory lane and reflect on our humble beginnings in industrial automation, which began in 2007. Our 15-year journey to becoming the industry leader in AR/VR and Metaverse, IoT, AI/ML development into a wide range of verticals like healthcare, media and communications, manufacturing, education, and many more demonstrates that our vision and enthusiasm are on the right track.

Our forays into the AR/VR domain began in 2014, when we provided VR live streaming solutions for a major Fortune 500 company in the domain of Sports, Media, and Entertainment, by providing solutions for sporting events such as the Winter Olympics, NFL, and NBA. Another major sport in which we have been involved is golf, for which we created an AR Application for a reputable organization that provides a real-time live system that shows ball movements, replays of events, visuals with statistics on the players, and score cards. 

In the field of E-commerce, we developed an AR-based Shopify application that allows customers to fit and see how a particular product would fit in their kitchen or other personal space before making a purchase. We had a huge opportunity to collaborate with the Indian Navy in education and training by providing solutions in both VR/AR where cadets can immerse themselves as if they were in real life and learn about the different engines, their assembling, dismantling, other important details, and so on without risk but with higher retention of information. 

In aviation training, we developed a VR-based application where learners can watch 360-degree videos on pilot training and other information videos and learn about all the specifics of an aircraft and flying an airplane, among other things. Another important training solution we have provided is VR Forklift simulation, which is a VR-based forklift training simulation that allows trainers to immerse themselves and learn how a forklift operates and all of the functions associated with it without endangering the learners’ lives or eliminating the risks associated with learning with heavy machinery.

Another feather in our XR cap is our own Metaverse platform, Meta Reality Space, which is a metaverse accelerator platform that allows anybody to build and have their own unique space in the Metaverse, something that our MetaReality Space can enable.

Our AR VR journey began with Google Cardboard and has expanded to include hands-on experience with cutting-edge devices such as Nreal Smart Glass, Hololens, Oculus, HTC VIVE, and others. Our developers are professionals in cutting-edge technologies, with expertise in XR, Cloud, Mobility and Web Technologies.

We have always kept a client-first approach, and our customers are the one and only reason we were able to acquire this remarkable industry award. We are thankful and beyond grateful to our clients for the important and fruitful partnerships we have established. 

Camect, a camera solutions company, is our very dear client. They’ve collaborated with us on a mobile app development project in January 2021. The customer required native Android and iOS applications. They already have web-based UIs, but they have a number of flaws, particularly on mobile devices.

“Timelines have been fluid as we learned about the restrictions of the technology we’re working with and limits of various phones, etc. — but again, we feel like TA has been good at respecting timelines that we lay out, and that delays have been due to legit unanticipated issues.” – Arup Mukherjee, CEO, Camect, Inc.

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