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Received the distinguished opportunity to exhibit
at FAST-2023 with our excellent team

The Frontiers of Aerospace Systems and Technologies (FAST) exhibition, which is an extraordinary two-day event that took place from June 30th to July 1st, is the largest gathering of innovators, experts, and industry leaders in the field of aerospace systems and technologies. The event was masterfully orchestrated by the Indian Society of Systems for Science and Engineering Thiruvananthapuram Chapter (ISSE), G20, and the Indian National Society for Aerospace and Related Mechanisms Thiruvananthapuram Chapter (INSARM), in harmonious collaboration with the revered Indian Space Research Organization, the Liquid Propulsion Systems Centre (LPSC), and the Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology (IISST). 

Our team at Travancore Analytics has been to the esteemed event a few times; however, this is the first year we have received the distinguished opportunity to exhibit at the event with our excellent team.

With its reputation for excellence, the two-day exhibition serves as a platform for showcasing cutting-edge advancements and sharing knowledge through a range of exhibits, presentations, and discussions.  

Amidst great anticipation, the esteemed Vikram Sarabhai Space Center (VSSC) served as the illustrious venue for the prestigious FAST-2023, the National Conference on Landing and Recovery Systems for Aerospace Vehicles (LaRA). The ceremonial inauguration of this grand event, graced by the presence of Shri. S. Somanath, the esteemed Chairman of ISRO and Secretary of the Department of Space (DOS), marked a momentous occasion. The event seamlessly brought together a constellation of distinguished dignitaries and experts, hailing from renowned governmental and non-governmental organizations of great repute. The stalwarts from ISRO, the venerable Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO), the illustrious Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL), the eminent TATA Power, among other notable entities, converged in unison.

Unveiling NiOX

Among the multitude of innovative technologies and solutions on display, TA managed to stand out and capture the attention of the visitors with our Data Acquisition and Checkout Platform, NiOX, as a star attraction in booth 11. NiOX is a ready-to-use data acquisition and checkout platform developed by TA for any type of demanding environment. NiOX caters to the vast majority of industrial field scenarios.

NiOX comes with robust application software-NiOXView. The software enables a fast turnaround and customizable solution for any data acquisition, monitoring, and control environment. 


  • ZynQ 7000 series 
  • Supports MIL-1553 Interface
  • LAN/USB Interface to Host PC
  • 16 channel 16 bit ADC Card, 16 channel 16 bit DAC Card, Multifunction I/O cards, etc
  • Clocked I/O (serial Telemetry) implemented through ZynQ FPGA

Features and Benefits 

  • Accurate real-time acquisition
  • Configurable displays with background surveillance
  • Configurable command menu and test sequencing
  • Robust application software, NioxView for storage, history data analysis, etc.


Here are some of our key takeaways from the recent exhibition at FAST-2023

  • We were able to see some exceptional new use cases and innovative advancements in technology and their applications across various industries.
  • The wide range of informative sessions by industry pioneers gave us a wealth of information to expand our knowledge base, gain fresh perspectives, innovative strategies, and best practices, and explore the domain of innovation and growth.
  • Able to witness groundbreaking innovations, success stories, and passionate teams in action, energized to push their boundaries and strive for intelligence. 
  • The event emphasized the importance of having knowledge in the wide variety of domains into which we can customize and cater our Data Acquisition and checkout platform, NiOX, as we were enquired about the ability of NiOX to handle data acquisition of mechanical parameters, monitoring of events happening in large network in a power station, scanning of materials to find the faulty ones, and also the possibility of customizing into a more general checkout that would be able to test multiple systems/DUTs with similar characteristics using the same checkout.  
  • Inculcated in us a future-oriented mindset to continuously innovate and stay agile and proactive in order to thrive in the face of disruptive technologies and market shifts.
  • Explore the possibilities of integrating AI and ML with our hardware, and one specific example that stood out was implementing AI cameras using FPGA.
  • NiOX made a strong impression on several companies during the event, and they expressed keen interest in collaborating with us in the near future. Their positive response indicates the potential for exciting partnerships and opportunities for growth and innovation.

Participating in events is always an exhilarating experience, as it allows us to engage with the latest cutting-edge technology. Overall, our exhibition at FAST-2023 provided us with immense knowledge, innovative ideas, and inspiration to explore new domains with Data Acquisition and checkout platform, NiOX. We will leverage these key takeaways to enhance our solutions and drive innovation. By capitalizing on the insights gained from this event, we are confident in our ability to navigate the challenges and seize the opportunities that lie ahead.