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Management Systems in Healthcare: An Overview of TA’s Contribution

August 19th, 2020

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The healthcare sector has evolved so much that there is the treatment for those diseases which meant sure death in the past. Research into the causes of the disease and ways to counter them has led pharmacologists to astounding results. It can be said that the right medication, technology-supported diagnosis, and treatment have led to a decrease in death tolls.

As the potential of the medicine increases, there may be incidences of superbugs as well. The same can be attributed to the recent pandemic that has affected the world as a whole: COVID-19. Some countries have started making headways in making effective medicines and vaccines, with Russia making headlines of running the initial human trials. At the same time, a worrying development is the reported incidence of a mutated, deadlier version of the SARS COVID-19 infection in Malaysia. Effective medication is the need of the hour with every government allocating major funds for the same.

Considering the deadly infections that ravaged the world in the past centuries, the invention of antibiotics was an achievement that reduced the fatality rate of many such illnesses. As time flew the usage of antibiotics grew with each person consuming them for a faster recovery. However, the drawback of antibiotics is that they do not have any favoritism towards the illness-causing microbes. They will kill the microbes essential to our body as well – not just the “invaders”. Physicians prescribe complementary medications to negate this effect. Yet the immunity of a person can get affected to a great deal with reckless and unabated consumption of antibiotics and similar drugs over a long time. Such overuse of antibiotics also leads to certain levels of antimicrobial resistance among people.

Many countries have adopted guidelines to educate and persuade prescribers of antimicrobials to follow standard practices to prevent antibiotic overuse. This will reduce the unwanted usage of antibiotics and similar medicines that may help curb the incidence of superbugs.

Travancore Analytics has been working with a major healthcare provider in developing a guidance tool for physicians and healthcare providers/organizations to follow such standard practices. The WHO and the world nations have realized the adverse long term effects of antibiotics and in consultations with multiple medical entities have come up with a globally accepted set of guidelines to administer medicines. The guidance software we helped develop adheres to the WHO guidelines and is a helpful tool for medical practitioners in carrying out their duties effectively. This tool also tends to be a guide for physicians who just started their medical practice.

Notably, we are also a technology partner for a major pharma-research firm in developing software that can streamline the process of managing and storing clinical documents and other collaterals related to medical research and clinical trials. This tool checks whether the final output and supporting files from a clinical trial are ready for final submission to the validating authorities. Based on the feedback from this system, the submissions can be forwarded to the approving authorities like FDA or sent for further internal revisions. This tool helps save valuable time.

TA is actively working with major healthcare service providers in developing novel software solutions for the benefit of the world as a whole. Our expertise is not only with the design and development of healthcare-related management systems, but also with other software solutions such as diagnostic imaging and visualization, awareness systems, assistive technology, and healthcare analytics.

Closely working with these organizations, we are sure that the solutions we are working on would augment the quality of the healthcare services sector and thereby realize our collective dream of a healthy world.

If you are looking for someone who is looking for technical partners in developing software solutions for healthcare, look no further. Please feel free to contact us to know more…

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