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12 Must know factors before outsourcing software development for your business

Software outsourcing has been one of the most popular business strategies as technology is advancing at high speed and businesses are being highly competitive than ever before. Business organizations take a mighty leap in outsourcing software development from 21% in 2022 to a projected 36% in 2023, an increase of 70%. The increasing gap between supply and demand for developers along with the emerging gig economy, remote work, and the great resignation leads to the increased need of outsourcing skilled talents

Implementing AR VR technology solutions in medicine and medical training

The acceptance of AR and VR technology is on the rise and the healthcare industry hasn’t been an exception. More and more healthcare companies are preparing to strengthen their digital solutions with this immersive technology for enhanced data analytics and healthcare practices. Some companies even found new ways to establish connections with their patients during pandemic times, providing remote and personalized treatment and care. Others meanwhile use AR and VR to improve their medical training and surgical practices.

Best 5 applications of Augmented Reality in aviation industry

Being a highly competitive and mission-critical industry, the aviation sector is simply reacting to new technologies and following trends to keep up with the demands and expectations of modern passengers. Augmented reality in aviation is one such game-changer that is trending now. The immersive aspects of AR address some of the potential dangers associated with flying and make the experiences much safer and more efficient. To dig deep into this topic, read this blog.